passion flower/May pop

​purple clover

white clover

​sideoats grama

Some of the native plants that will be in "The Meadow".

false Indigo

Plots at The Good Earth Burial Ground

"The Woods" a wooded area that will remain natural. You'll see fallen limbs; lichens; leaves; possibly wildlife or at least signs of it. All graves will have to be hand dug.

"The Meadow" is an open area that is planted with native grasses and other native plants. This will not appear as a typical manicured lawn most are used to seeing, but will keep with the concept of green, natural landscaping using minimal fertilizer or pesticides that are not organic. While mowing may be needed occasionally, it will not be the norm. 

"Best Friends"  The Good Earth realizes that our pets are our family too and allows for burial plots. Pets may also be buried by a plot you have purchased as space allows.

milk weed attracks Monarch butterflies

prairie june grass

Located at 1955 Carter Grove Rd, Hazel Green, Alabama

​Note: GPS takes you to the wrong driveway. Look for signs.

Virginia wild rye

blue grama

 The Good Earth burial ground in Madison County Alabama opened in March of 2016.  It is a green (or natural) burial ground, where families are expected and encouraged to participate in laying their loved one to rest. The burial ground was set up according to the rules of the Green Burial Council. (

There will be no caskets that are not biodegradable; no vaults; no tombstones, only flat fieldstones; no synthetic materials to include items of clothing or shrouds and no embalming of the body. Cremains must also be in a biodegradable container.

I want to implement a simple, natural method, going back a century or so, to the way we used to handle the death of a loved one.

For a listing of green burial approved products go to:

​​​​NOTICE: being a natural burial ground means you will encounter poison ivy among other plants you may have allergies to; the terrain is natural so there may be tripping hazards. By visiting the Good Earth burial ground you accept all responsibility for any hazards you many come across.

black-eyed Susans and Queen Anne's lace

broom sedge

sand dropseed

little bluestem

​purple top

Phone: 256-655-2170

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