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Don't confuse a truly green burial with those offering green funerals. A truly green burial is in a green burial ground or hybrid cemetery (where a portion of the cemetery is set aside for green burials). A green burial ground is one that works to conserve the native plants and wildlife as well as reclaiming areas used for trash. The Good Earth has spent over $10,000.00 for clean-up; soil testing; hydrology testing and plans; planting of native grasses and flowers; and follows most requirements of the Green Burial Council. The Good Earth is working to help the environment in additional ways: no embalming, no vaults, and only natural burial shrouds or caskets made of biodegradable resources that have not been stained or coated with harmful chemicals.


UPDATE: Changes were made to the law in 2017 to remove this requirement except for funerals "for hire or for profit". Thus making it clear that families can have full control of their loved ones at time of death provided there are no health hazards which will be made known by the physician signing off on the death certificate.

In our great state of Alabama: every funeral service, memorial service, or interment, or part thereof, shall be in the actual charge and shall be under the direct supervision of an Alabama Licensed Funeral Director? Doesn't this seem like an overreach of government to dictate what we do with the body of our loved ones and to IMPOSE a stranger upon us at such a time? I wonder if they will do this for free or if there will be a fee? I think we know the answer.


UPDATE: In April, 2016 the Alabama legislature changed the law that prohibited anyone but Alabama Licensed Funeral Directors from selling caskets, urns, and burial shrouds in Alabama?  The Good Earth has sold its first hand made "plain pine box" casket as shown on the General Price list page.


UPDATE: As of  9/1//2020 HB 282 would delete this requirement. Due to the virus, this bill has been delayed until the next session of legislature. To help get this bill passed please contact our State Representatives and Senators.The Alabama Department of Public Health requires a body be embalmed to leave the state (cross state lines). This pertains only to bodies leaving the State, not entering. Wouldn't you think it would be the other way around if it was for health reasons? A body can be moved from Gulf Shores, AL to Hazel Green, AL without embalming, (about 400 miles) but to cross the state line into Tennessee (about 4 miles) embalming is required. I recently tried to help a family that wanted a green burial in Memphis, TN (about 200 miles), but were forced to choose cremation instead due to this law. Please help me push to get this changed. I've emailed every member of the House & Senate committees pertaining to health as well as my local Representative and Senator. One more ridiculous law in Alabama that only benefits the funeral industry and hurts families.

Watch for legislation in the 2017 sessions for changes to this bill. I'm not sure yet, but we're on the road to getting this changed.

UPDATE: STILL trying to get legislation going for this change. Help by contacting your Representatives and Senators. 



The only people that serve on the board are Alabama Licensed Funeral Directors. Seems to me there should be some consumers to have checks and balances. UPDATE: Beginning in 2019 there will be 2 consumers added to the board.


Are you aware that mausoleums frequently have issues with leaking body fluids? Sealed caskets are not appropriate for mausoleums usage? Please do some research before you chose this method, all you have to do is search on mausoleums issues and you'll find an abundance of information.