The Good Earth

green burials ~ home funerals

​​​​​​​My Goals:

  • To bring families back to caring for their deceased loved ones as a final act of love and respect.

  • To create a sense of community that seems to have gone away.

  • To teach people to create their own rituals as a means of honoring the decedent.

  • To empower people to have and keep the right to take possession of the body of their deceased loved one if they so choose.

  • To overcome the fear and mystery of death.

  • ​​To create a natural, green burial space to improve the environment, allow family participation and to reduce the cost of death.

The Good Earth, LLC  (a small, woman owned private business) is a consulting business and is in no way considered a funeral establishment. All fees paid to The Good Earth, LLC are for requested consulting services and education of the public or the family in charge of their own funeral.The information provided using this web site is only intended to be general summary information to the public. It is not intended to take the place of either the written law or regulations. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them. Simply put a home funeral guide in Huntsville and surrounding areas to guide families with home funeral services to  include a green cemetery


​​​​​​​Green Cemetery ~ GUIDE FOR Home Funeral SERVICE IN Huntsville AREA

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